Meet Veronica Botticelli

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Veronica Botticelli is a well-known Italian artist in her native country, but also in Germany or England where she has exhibited extensively. A few months ago, she decided to move to Paris with her husband and daughter to meet the French public. Since then, several Parisian galleries have chosen to exhibit this great artist. His works are lulled into melancholy, celebrate color, passing time, and the opposition of presence and erasure.

Hello Veronica Botticelli, where do you come from?

I’m from Rome, Italy.

How did this passion for art end?

My passion was born very early. I left home at 18, already convinced that I wanted to be an artist. I found myself in the San Lorenzo district, a place full of artists, artisans, actors, and actresses that enriched me a lot.

You started out as an assistant to great artists, what did it bring you?

This job changed my life. I was able to discover the work of an artist on a daily basis. I was young and had a very spiritual vision of art. I was able to realize that it was a real job and that we had to work hard.

You have traveled to many countries, which place has most marked you?

All the trips have brought me something that I keep in me and return to my work. For example, when I arrived in Paris, I was walking the streets and I was fascinated by the large doors with beautiful colors.

Paris Gate

Color is very important in your work, what does it mean to you?

I can fall in love with a color, they can clear up a lot of things. Above all, I love the peace that comes with it. I immediately feel the need to transcribe it into my work.

Why represent ancient objects in your works?

These are objects that crossed my path at some point. As for color, I sometimes have a crush, and I feel the need to tell their stories in my works.

Finally, if we were to go to one address in Rome, where would it be?

It’s hard to name just one address. For me, Rome is my love. Every place is special and every place has something to tell.

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