Remi Segalas

Paris, France

Mineral Confrontation and Human Poetry

Rémi Segalas was born in Paris in 1989. He grew up in Sologne and entered the School of Graphic Art in 2009 where he learned from illustrators and graphic designers. He followed a fashion design training in the South of France and came back to Paris to work for young Parisian designers.

He then partners with a photographer for a year on the concept photography/drawing/fashion. At the same time, he worked on graphic productions illustrating contemporary fashion in association with magazines and webmags.

To this day, the painter presents his work in group exhibitions, collaborative projects with fashion designers, decorators, and photographers.

The modern style of his works is intended to be sober, conceived in confrontation of watercolour transparencies on a thick and uneven background. This background composed of soft colours reminiscent of the first and last lights of the day accentuates the fine lines created with pen and Indian ink.

The rocky texture and the ink and water diffused with the brush suggest the confrontation of the elements. All the beauty of his work lies in the harmony of this encounter with perfectly mastered forces.

Nature remains his main source of inspiration since his adolescence in his plastic research. The subjects raised bear witness to the urban and natural context in which it evolves. The painter captures the Human and his attitudes, his movement, a moment of life to interpret it on his canvases.

Latest Exhibitions

2020 | Grand Salon d’Art Abordable | Paris
2020 | Salon Metamorphose | Paris
2019 | Salon 4Art | Paris
2019 | Exhibition and Mural Performance | Dreux
2019 | Young International Art Fair | Paris
2019 | Grand Salon d’Art Abordable | Paris
2019 | Grand Salon d’Art Abordable | Paris
2018 | Collaboration créative | Paris
2017 | Collective Exhibition | Paris
2017 | Collective Exhibition | Paris


His works

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