Le Havre, France

Street Artist, and city Prince

Born in 1988, Alexandre Delaunay alias Mascarade is a painter who lives and works in Le Havre. He started painting in 2000, secretly on the walls in the streets. Mascarade now works almost exclusively in his workshop-gallery created in 2015, however he responds to many commissions to illuminate the public space with his talents, and participates in associative projects to educate young people about art. After three years spent at the School of Art in Le Havre, at the doors of graduation, not feeling in tune with the contemporary artistic creation that was highlighted, Mascarade decided to leave the school. Also, on the occasion of the Biennale in 2016, he illegally painted his emblematic character “Super Masquerade” on the Volcano, an emblematic scene in Le Havre. This act of denunciation made him known nationally.

Street art as Mascarade has known it has not always been the object of private or public commissions, working all day long in the eyes of all. Indeed, in his early days, eagerness, adrenaline and the fear of getting caught were both the main constraint and the driving force behind the young artist’s creation. These strong sensations, he still transcribes them today in his drawings and paintings in his studio. His work is marked by the influence of artists who fascinate him. Among them Keith Haring, Fernand Léger, Jean Dubuffet and Henri Matisse, but his true identity lies in his fascination for masks from all walks of life, which leave only the eyes as the only reflection of the soul.

Dernières EXPOS

2019 | International Contemporary Art Fair | Mulhouse
2019 | Collective Exhibition, Mermoz Gallery | Cabourg
2019 | Collective Exhibition, Galerie Hamon | Le Havre
2019 | Salon International d’Art Contemporain | Deauville
2019 | Collective Exhibition, Galerie Hamon | Le Havre
2019 | Solo Exhibition “Coup de Théâtre” | Hôtel de Ville du Havre
2018 | Solo Exhibition, Galerie Hamon | Le Havre
2018 | International Contemporary Art Fair | Paris


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