Marine Bonzom

Biarritz, France

Discovering the world, chasing emotions

In an approach that she defines as instinctive, simple and natural, Marine Bonzom nevertheless presents a work imbued with a certain complexity, carried by the romantic ideal, which challenges us. She was quickly spotted at her very first solo exhibition by experts and amateurs alike, all impressed by the precocity of her technique and the subtle harmony of her compositions. In fact, these are the tools she uses to bring to life what characterizes her most: the passionate expression of emotions.

Rich from her many travels, from Dubai to Seoul via Rome and New York, Marine invites us to share an exciting experience. Sincere and passionate by nature, she brings to the stage what animates her and makes her vibrate: the magic of a place, the complexity of feelings, the euphoria of a moment or the nostalgia of an era.

Marine Bonzom continues to evolve and to be enriched by varied experiences, and her painting technique with. Today she works exclusively on canvas with acrylic and natural pigments. His work on the material that gives the viewer the impression of a three-dimensional work of art is most noticeable. Movement is also very important in Marine Bonzom’s work, her canvases seem to undulate like waves breaking to carry our eye in different directions.

The influence of William Turner’s works is very present, they are the very ones that made Marine trust in his artistic approach. We find a certain depth in his works, giving perspective to his abstract art.

Latest Exhibitions

2020 | Solo Exhibition | Bidart (64210)
2019 | L’Aventure | Bidart (64210)
2018 | Expo solo | Bayonne (64100)
2018 | L’Été Indien | Bidart (64200)
2018 | Blossom | Biarritz (64200)
2017 | Reborn | Bidart (64210)
2012 | Twenty Twelve | Bidart (64210)
2011 | The Wild Road | Bidart (64210)
2010 | Collective Exhibition | CT, USA
2009 | Le Mystère | Bidart (64210)
2008 | Le Premier Mot | Bidart (64210)


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