Federico Frangi

Barcelona, Spain

Meetings at the top

Federico Frangi is a photographer based in Barcelona who devotes a large part of his work to traveling and meeting different cultures. In 2009, he undertook his first expedition to the region of Ladakh in northern India. He comes into contact with nomadic peoples and carries out his first project “On top of the world”. Following this project, he devotes himself entirely to photography.

Three years later, he crossed Nepal by motorcycle from New Delhi and travelled more than 6,000 km. As a true explorer, Federico shares the daily life of the local population.

He discovers a fascinating culture, where technology gives way to spirituality, meditation, and craftsmanship that have remained unchanged for centuries.

Today, the Argentinean artist is multiplying projects and will soon present his work in a major international photography festival. He places great importance in his prints: the negatives are digitized and printed on traditional handmade Nepalese paper. The rendering seeks to transcribe the timelessness of the photographed scenes. The sharpness is reduced and the texture of the support offers a pastel coloration loaded with poetry.

Latest Exhibitions

2020 | H20 Gallery, Barcelona
2017 | Fundacion Casa del Tibet, Barcelona
2017 | DGUV, Berlin
2016 | H20 Gallery, Barcelona
2013 | La Fotogaleria del Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires
2012 | Kagyu Dzong, Paris
2012 | Kowasa Gallery
2009 | Fundacion Casa del Tibet, Barcelona
2009 | Librería Altaïr, Barcelona


His works

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