Eli Garmendia

Somewhere, in the nature

To see the world in abstraction

Eli Garmendia is a Basque artist born in 1984. She graduated in Photography and Digital Creation in 2006 and she is currently nomad; traveling, working and living through Europe in a Rv.
She stands out for her original approach that appeals to our senses and emotions. Eli shows in her projects, intimate stories traversed by different layers of significance. The places she visits, among which the forest predominates in its infinite ancestral and experiential connotations, are experienced calmly, almost with contemplative devotion. She passes through the landscape, linking the exterior space with her own life, from which a lucid dialogue emerges between the silence of the gaze and the agitation of the external world.
Her latest project El Bosque Dormido represents the culmination of a long work of introspection and research. It is punctuated by the poetry of his friend Roberto Ruiz Antúnez and the music of the composer Peteris Vasks. Between 2014 and 2016, Eli travels three times to Latvia in the footsteps of the composer. Her work has been exhibited many times in solo and group shows.
She is co-founder of the creative studio Nomad Studio with Carlos Pericás. From their nomadic condition they articulate projects related to portraiture, people, nature and the rural environment.

Latest Exhibitions

2020 | Group exhibition, Baffest Festival | Basque Country
2019 | Solo exhibition, Tabakalera | Basque Country
2017 | Solo exhibition, ARGI Festibala | Basque Country
2016 | Utopia Photomarket | Barcelona
2015 | Group exhibition, GuatePhoto Festival | Guatemala
2014 | Exhibition, GKo Gallery | Basque Country


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