Diletta Innocenti Fagni

Roma, Italy

At the crossroads of the 7th art and the Impressionists

Diletta Innocenti Fagni was born in 1988 in Florence. She practices painting and drawing but also theater from a very young age. She pursued her passion in Rome where she obtained a degree in Art, Theater and Cinema. After school, she participates in many oil painting workshops and gets several roles in television series.

For her, painting and cinema influence each other and are inseparable for her work as an artist. They are both ways of expressing herself and transmitting something.

Capturing a moment of life, retranscribing the magic of an encounter, this is what characterizes Diletta’s work, bringing moments to life. For her, what defines an artist is her innate sensitivity that allows her to transform into lines and colors what she perceives in her inner self. This explains her attraction to the Impressionist painters of the 19th century and especially Edgar Degas, an artist she admires.

Her works, closely linked to dreams and memories, evoke psychology, relationships and feelings in a suspended atmosphere, just for a moment.

Latest Exhibitions

2020 | Ecomusée Voltaire | Geneva
2020 | Quarantine, the creators | NY, Paris
2020 | The Brick Lane Gallery | London
2020 | Markai Art | Turkey
2020 | Dagaz Gallery | Virtual Exhibition
2020 | OKA University | Turkey
2020 | Piano Craft Gallery | London
2020 | Create because we are | New York


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