Carlos Pericás


A nomadic artist who explores nature and time

Born in Palma de Mallorca in 1983, Carlos Pericás is a contemporary visual artist and nomadic photographer, who lives and works in a caravan in continuous movement. Carlos’ approach is based on his long experience in professional photography, where he brings his own visual language charged with poetry.

His personal work makes the present moment a drift from the real and the subjective, the unexpected and the poetic. This personal imaginary is a direct reflection of Carlos’ personal experience, in constant search of new questions about the world.

His photography is centered on questioning the visible, the ideal and the predictable, but also on highlighting a critical dimension in the relationship between man, nature and time.

He was the official photographer of the Buena Vista Social Club’s last world tour. He is also co-founder of the itinerant creative studio Nomad Studio from which he articulates, with photographer Eli Garmendia, various long-term photographic projects, such as Nomad Portrait or Who Lives There? which deals with people and the environment.

Latest Exhibitions

2017 | Utopia Photomarket | Barcelona, Spain
2015 | Collective Exhibition | PhotoEspaña Festival | Madrid, Spain
2015 | Collective Exhibition | Itinerant, Spain
2014 | Solo Exhibition, Meeatings23 Gallery | Barcelona, Spain
2014 | Collective Exhibition | Itinerant, Spain
2013 | Smithsonian National Museum, Permanent Exhibition | Washington, DC USA


His works

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