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Line Up Gallery is a human adventure made up of passions, emotions, and convictions. You are here at the line up of collectors in search of their favorite work.
Whether you are experts or amateurs, thirsty for truth and beauty or simply curious, in search of the benefits that art provides, come and look at our selection of artists, they have so much to show you.

Lucas Jacazio


A few words

Created in 2020, Line Up Gallery is the culmination of a project initiated two years earlier. This is the time it takes to reach a level of demand that lives up to the expectations of artists and art lovers. So, this online art gallery that aims to be the bridge between the artist and the amateur, what defines it?

Line Up Gallery is above all a careful selection of artists. Not hundreds of artists presented, but a handful of talented women and men, recognized by their peers, sincere and authentic. And despite a recent and obvious success, they have a strong artistic potential, with the will to produce a personal and original work.

The artists of Line Up Gallery come from different backgrounds and belong to different movements, but are inspired by the same approach.

Our mission is to find this connection that occurs between the artist and the viewer through a work of art, and thus be able to appreciate it without seeing it physically. To do this, we will put in place all the technological means available today, while maintaining the identity of a selective gallery centered on artists.

We are also convinced that we appreciate and decipher a work better when we know the artist’s career, which is why they are highlighted as widely as possible on the platform and social networks.

The founder

Lucas Jacazio

My name is Lucas Jacazio, I live in Paris, I love Vincent Van Gogh, the Italian Renaissance, September in La Rochelle, and my mother’s apple crumble.

I grew up in the heart of the Marais, in a family of artists and enthusiasts who introduced me to art from an early age. My journey is not a logical sequel but is a crazy bet for some, a great adventure for others.

From an engineer father, a grandfather engineer, great-grandfather engineer, and an obvious attraction to scientific subjects, I flew to the engineering school in La Rochelle at the age of eighteen. Very quickly, I realized that my vocation was elsewhere but I went to the end of my training because I identified with the values of this school and acquired the skills necessary to carry out my project. I have had the opportunity to work with people who have passed on so much to me, pulled me up and greatly made this project a success.

Now it’s time to prove to them that they were right to believe in me by fulfilling my mission: to pass on the extraordinary benefits of a work of art, and to make artists who deserve it shine.